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An Adventure Awaits

Come aboard The Arctic Spirit and let’s make some unforgettable memories!

Special announcement for 2023!

Exciting news! We are now offering a special promotion for our 2023 Alaska Halibut fishing charters. 

Book your trip before the end of the month and receive 10% off your booking.

Alaska Advanced Adventures now offers 3-Day, 4-Day, and 5-Day packages.  Whether you're an experienced angler or a first-timer, we have a trip to suit your needs. Greg, our experienced captain of the Arctic Spirit, along with our guides a will take you to the best spots in the Alaskan waters where you will have the chance to catch some of the largest Halibut in Prince William Sound, plus fish for Salmon. Lingcod, Rockfish,and more. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make lasting memories with family and friends. 

We bring the experience and knowledge, you bring the camera and cooler

Get ready to set sail on the ultimate charter boat adventure in the Alaskan waters of Prince William Sound with the one and only Arctic Spirit! This 50ft long former coast guard vessel may be small in size, but it packs a big punch when it comes to handling rough waters and unpredictable weather. And let’s be real, if this baby was built to rescue other boats in distress, you know she’s more than capable of keeping you safe and sound. So come aboard and let’s make some unforgettable memories!”

there's a lot about our boat to love

An Adventure Awaits on the Arctic Spirit

Boat's Dimensions & Accommodations

The Arctic Spirit is 50ft long × 14ft wide. Tough enough to keep you safe in Alaska.

For Accommodation, she offers two cabins

Commons area amenities

Additional Features 

Safety and Construction

Navigating the waters of Alaska's Prince William Sound via a historic United States Coast Guard vessel restored with Invigorating Orange Dazzle Camo into an Alaskan Battleship is the best way to have a safe, unforgettable Alaska Adventure.

History of the Arctic Spirit

The Arctic Spirit has quite the history here in Alaska’s nautical past, and it began in Seward Alaska with the United States Coast Guard. This ship was built to take men who have bravely protected and rescued fishermen and sailors in these waters when no one else could go and bring them all home safely, and was given an Award for being the best of the three ships built that year.
After her service she was purchased by Ronald Mager, one of the two brothers who began Mager Marine Tours, which is still in business here in Alaska today. Ron and Russ Mager are old salts and they knew boats as well as how to sail the water. Ron, with his ship building expertise, added ten feet to the ship and improved and strengthened a vessel that was already built to handle the rough seas. She was christened The Little Ship. Then he and his wife Yelta had many years of adventures with her. He eventually sailed down the West Coast south through Panama before returning to Washington State where Alaska Advanced Adventures journey with the Arctic Spirit began.
After the purchase of the vessel and with Ron and Yelta’s blessings Alaska Advanced Adventures sailed her North, back home to Alaska, where Ron had always dreamed of returning her to.
Restoring and preserving history was made possible through the Little Ship and a little hard work for some Alaskan men.
The ship’s exterior was repainted by Advanced Painting in Hoona Alaska. Dazzle camo was actually used back in the day for missile defense. Before radar, the lookout had to guess the rate of speed and direction of a ship to fire an attack at. The abstract patterns and shapes made it difficult to tell the speed or even sometimes which direction the battleship was traveling and so difficult to hit.

Our Expert Team

Our experienced crew is ready to take you on a journey of a lifetime, filled with breathtaking scenery, thrilling catches, and unforgettable memories. Our captain, Greg, has been fishing and hunting in these waters for over 20 years and knows all the best spots. Our fishing guide, Ray, is an expert in setting up gear and making sure you have everything you need for a successful day on the water. And our cook, enter name here, will prepare delicious meals to keep you fueled and ready for action. So let’s set sail and make some unforgettable memories together!”

Greg Sanner

Captain, Fishing Guide

Ray Krueger

Owner, Hunting Guide, Fishing Guide

Julia Krueger

Owner, Fishing Guide

Craig Hill

Owner, Hunting Guide & Fishing Guide

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A little about the Captain

Meet Captain Greg, a seasoned and licensed USCG Captain with over 20 years of experience navigating the waters of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. Not only is he a USCG veteran, but he also comes from a long line of “coasties”, with his dad and brother both serving for decades in the US Coast Guard, and another brother in the Navy.

But beyond his impressive credentials, what really sets Captain Greg apart is his love for being on the water and sharing that passion with others. When the owners of Arctic Spirit, Ray and Julia, first met him, they knew he was the perfect fit for their team – like family. He’s a true adventurer at heart, and can’t wait to show you what he considers to be “God’s Country.” And let’s not forget about his great sense of humor, you’ll be laughing till your belly hurts.

Captain Greg also has a passion for cooking, so be ready to taste some of the finest boat-cooked meals you’ll ever have. And as a true seasoned captain, he’ll keep you safe on board and bait your hooks, so come aboard and let Captain Greg take you on the ride of a lifetime.