DIY bear Hunting

Your hunting ground are 300 miles of coastline in Prince William Sound

Get ready for an unforgettable Alaska Bear Hunting Adventure with Alaska Advanced Adventures! We’ve built our reputation on providing top-notch hunting and fishing trips for adventurers like you. We know that planning a hunting trip to Alaska takes a lot of time, research and money. And we are thrilled that you are considering us for your next adventure!

To make your planning process as smooth as possible, we’ve put together all the information you need to know about our 7-day, 6-night Prince William Sound Black Bear hunt. From what to expect on the hunt, to what gear to bring, we’ve got you covered. We can’t wait for you to join us on this epic adventure in the wilds of Alaska! So, pack your bags, grab your gear and let’s go hunting!

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2023 DIY Bear Hunting Dates

Pick from our available dates

Resident=R | Nonresident=N | Resident and Nonresident=B

Hunting areas: 6A, 6B, 6C

Bag Limit Black Bear: Resident-1 | Nonresident=1

Bag Limit Brown/grizzly Bear: Resident-1

Required: Harvest Ticket 

Start DateEnd DateAllowedLocationAvailable
April 2April 8B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
April 9April 15B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
April 16April 22B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
April 23April 29B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
April 30May 6B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
May 7May 13B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
May 14May 20B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
May 21May 27B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
May 28June 3B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
June 4June 10B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
June 11June 17B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
June 18June 24B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
June 25July 1B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
August 20August 26B-Black Bear6A 6BYES
August 27September 2B-Black Bear6A 6BYES
September 3September 9B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
September 10September 16B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
September 17September 23B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
September 24September 30B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
October 1October 7B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
October 8October 14B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
October 15October 21B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
October 22October 28B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
October 29November 4B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
November 5November 11B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
November 12November 18B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
November 19November 25B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
November 26December 2B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
December 3December 9B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
December 10December 16B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES
December 17December 23B-Black Bear, R-Brown/Grizzly6A 6B 6CYES

Strict Regulations

Lawful Hunting: Above all, Alaska Advanced Adventures promotes fair chase and lawful hunting at all times. As a result, we have a close working relationships with the Alaskan State Troopers, the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game, and the Coast Guard. In brief, we strive for a safe, lawful hunting experience. Likewise, all hunters are expected to follow Alaska hunting and fishing regulations, as we encourage local law enforcement agencies to visit us during the hunt. Alaska Advanced Adventures has a good reputation with Alaska State Troopers and we conduct our hunts in a manner to maintain it.

Proxy Hunts:. Consequently, Proxy hunting is NOT allowed on our vessels. This means that you may not take an animal for another, even if that family member is present or under age. Hence, if they cannot take the animal themselves, then we recommend looking for a guided hunt or contacting another outfit.

Additional DIY Bear hunting information

Hear all the details about our DIY Bear hunting trip. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

  • $4,500 Per Person

  •  7 Days, 6 Nights: We leave out of Valdez on Sunday morning and return Saturday afternoon.

  • Private Restrooms: Our boat has private restrooms for your comfort.

  • Freezer Space: Multiple freezers are on board for your convenience to use during your week hunt with us. Thus making storing meat and hides easy and accessible.

  • Meals Provided: Included are all meals during your week long hunt. Before making your reservation, please call with any allergies for us to ensure we can accommodate needs. 

  • Additional Hunting & Fishing Opportunities: See additional opportunities tab for details.
  • HUNTING-Blacktail Deer, Mountain Goats (residents), Caribou, Brown Bear (residents) and  Waterfowl.  We do not charge extra for those who wish to hunt Alaska Mountain Goats (residency required) or Brown Bear (resident and draw tag required).

  • FISHING- Additionally,  our boat- based Alaska Deer hunts provide the best opportunity at fishing in remote areas for Alaska Halibut, Alaska Salmon, Lingcod, Grey Cod, and Rockfish.

First and foremost, we want to make sure you fully understand that this Alaska DIY hunt is a “Self- Guided” hunt. What this means is that you, as the hunter, are responsible for all hunting techniques and guiding yourself. This also means that, you as the hunter, get to set the pace for which you hunt. We tailor our hunts to this style of hunting to provide avid, knowledgeable hunters the opportunity to experience Alaska at their own pace and at an affordable rate.  

When it comes to Alaska DIY hunting, there are rules and regulations in which we honorably follow. When booking with us, we want to make sure that you are 100% made aware of our role in your hunt. Please review the rules and regulations below PRIOR TO BOOKING WITH US! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

The most common question we get asked is if we operate as a guide. To be clear, prior to booking, we are NOT guides. We operate as TRANSPORTERS only. What does this mean for your Alaska DIY hunt? This means that we legally CANNOT conduct the following:

  • Guide you in the process of hunting- this means we cannot TELL YOU where to HUNT
  • Provide maps of any kind for targeting game- please research areas prior to booking
  • Assist removal of your game from the field, other than by providing the transportation
  • Assist in the skinning, de-boning, or butchering of your meat once on board
  • Assist in the care of meat while on/off board
  • Provide ANY hunting equipment necessary to hunt, remove, or clean game- we do provide fishing gear and processing

This brings us to our next topic! Every hunter we speak to wants to know about success! Who wouldn’t? So let’s shed some light on the topic while we are here. We cannot GUARANTEE a KILL. What this means is that YES, you will have the OPPORTUNITY to see animals and possible killing chances, depending on a variety of factors. Your kill guarantee 100% depends on your strategy, technique, and ability. We have no control over this aspect of the hunt.

We highly recommend you research the areas in which you are wanting to hunt for the type of game you are interested in. You can find more information at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Part of success is being prepared.

A little about the Captain

Meet Captain Greg, a seasoned and licensed USCG Captain with over 20 years of experience navigating the waters of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. Not only is he a USCG veteran, but he also comes from a long line of “coasties”, with his dad and brother both serving for decades in the US Coast Guard, and another brother in the Navy.

But beyond his impressive credentials, what really sets Captain Greg apart is his love for being on the water and sharing that passion with others. When the owners of Arctic Spirit, Ray and Julia, first met him, they knew he was the perfect fit for their team – like family. He’s a true adventurer at heart, and can’t wait to show you what he considers to be “God’s Country.” And let’s not forget about his great sense of humor, you’ll be laughing till your belly hurts.

Captain Greg also has a passion for cooking, so be ready to taste some of the finest boat-cooked meals you’ll ever have. And as a true seasoned captain, he’ll keep you safe on board and bait your hooks, so come aboard and let Captain Greg take you on the ride of a lifetime.