Additional Service

The state itself has so much to offer for anyone seeking nature, wild, and untamed frontier. The adventure potential is endless and spectacular views and places available to visit safely and comfortably in the Arctic Spirit will make an unforgettable Alaskan Adventure. The Crew of Alaska Advanced Adventures is eager to hear what your Alaskan Adventure looks like so we can share Alaska with you.


Draft of pricing breakdown. 

Services Flat Rate: $4000 per person/ week
Parties of more than four $3500 for each additional person.

Guided Hunt Pricing Packages: Guided hunts will be scheduled and offered through Alaska Challenge Guide Service.
Check them out on Facebook to get your Alaska Challenge started and an epic hunting adventure you’ll never forget.

Unguided Hunt Pricing: Unguided hunts are offered for Blacktail Deer.
$4000 per person/week
For parties of more than four $3500 for each additional person


Fishing Charters: This is up to each party’s adventure preference. They charter the Arctic Spirit for transport and would be taken where they direct. Trips can be four days to two weeks on a reserve basis.
$4000 per person/ week
For parties of more than four $3500 for each additional person
Limit of 6 person trips
Season depending on species availability and regulations
Anglers are responsible for knowing bag limits and species restrictions
Salmon, rockfish, lingcod, crab, halibut, yelloweye, and the many varieties of Palegic and nonpalegic are in abundance including quillback, coppers, chinas, yellow eyes, and tiger rockfish. Black bass, dusky, widows, and yellowtail rockfish.
Chest Freezers are available onboard for freezing and storage.